Varieties available

(as 10 inch cuttings, plus long whips of Salix Viminalis "Bowles Hybrid" -

long whips of other varieties may be available - please ask)

Salix Viminalis "Bowles Hybrid"

One of the most vigorous and hardy varieties of Willow commonly available. Because of its fast rate of growth (up to 8 feet in one year - including the first year!) it makes an excellent windbreak, and it tolerates wet, heavy soils and extreme conditions, such as cold winds on exposed sites or salty winds on the coast. Growth can be cut back each winter, providing heavy weaving material, or rods for living willow structures, and encouraging denser fresh growth, or left to grow taller and thicker which can be cut in later years for logs.                                                                                      REF W777

Salix  Triandra  (Almond leaved willow)

This species forms a bush or small tree and prefers slightly less harsh conditions to Salix Viminalis, although is still very vigorous providing at least 6' of fresh growth each year. Good straight rods of growth make this form of Willow very popular for basket making:-

    Salix Triandra "Black Maul" Strong growth, brown stems.                  REF W778

    Salix Triandra "Norfolk" Strong growth, very dark brown stems.         REF W779

    Salix Triandra "Petite Grisette" Strong growth, green stems.               REF W780

Salix Purpurea (Purple Willow)  - named for the colourful catkins.

Generally a little smaller and slightly less vigorous than the above varieties, but the more colourful and more slender elegant stems will more than make up for this if you have a more sheltered location. Long, narrow, blue/green leaves and 4' to 5' of fresh stem growth each year.  Need to cut back regularly to obtain  the coloured fresh growth, which is ideal for fine rods for basket making:-

   Salix Purpurea "Eugenii" Very slender green stems.                              REF W781     

   Salix Purpurea "Lambertiana" Lime Green stems.                               REF W782

   Salix Purpurea "Abbeys" Orange/Red stems.                                         REF W783

Salix Candida A very attractive form with thicker stems, growing 4' to 5' per year in sheltered locations, having large "furry" grey-green leaves, with large yellow catkins in late winter. See photographs of these in our Photograph Gallery.                 REF W784                                                                                       

Salix Tortuosa (Corkscrew Willow) An initially slower-growing, but lovely form of Willow, with curling/twisting stem growth making a wonderful specimen tree.  Makes more vigorous growth once established, but regular pruning will keep it under control and encourage the extra "curly" younger growth.  Glossy, green narrow leaves which are retained much later than the other forms of Willow we have and which come again very early in the spring.                                                                              REF W785

"Red Bush Willow"

We do not know the name of this variety which was given to us as "surplus prunings" some years ago, but it is one of the best of the red stemmed forms that we have seen. We will not try to guess the name of it but we offer it anyway as it forms such a splendid specimen bushy, upright tree. The red stems provide a startling contrast with the long, slender grey/green leaves which are retained longer into the autumn than most.  It is a fairly fast grower, but as with all willows can be kept under control with pruning, which encourages the fresh brightly coloured stem growth.  A photograph of one of these can be seen in our Photograph Gallery.    Together with photographs of some of the other varieties, in particular the new willow varieties added for this season below.                               REF W786

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'Dead' Willow : -

What we mean by 'dead' is willow that is woven in to add to the living willow

structure's appearance or to hold the structure together. Remember, however, as it is not pushed into the ground to root it will eventually decay -  unlike living willow. We are able to supply bundles of 3 to 5 foot lengths which can be used for this purpose, or to make, say, border edging. They will be fresh cut so, if you wish, you can use them to create living willow sculptures or very small structures.

New willow varieties added

(only available as 20 inch cuttings)

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Salix Alba Vitellina (Golden Willow)

The slender whips are popular for basketmaking, but most widely grown for the bright yellow stem colour for winter interest. Cut back annually in the spring to obtain the brightly coloured fresh growth. Usually the new stem growth will reach at least 6 ft long in one season.

REF W787

Salix Alba Britzensis (Coral Bark Willow)

Mainly  grown for the bright orangey/red stem colour as winter interest. Cut back annually in the spring to obtain the brightly coloured fresh growth. Usually the new stem growth will reach at least 6 ft long in one season.

REF W788

Salix Daphnoides Aglaia (Violet Willow)

Mainly grown for the deep purple stem colour for winter interest and the large abundant silver catkins in late winter/early spring. Commonly used to attract pollinating insects to orchards. Cut back annually in the spring to obtain the brightly coloured fresh growth. The new stem growth can reach 9 ft long in one season.

REF W789

Salix Fragilis (Crack Willow)

Two-tone olive-green to yellow/orange stems. Cut back annually in the spring to obtain the brighter coloured fresh growth. Usually the new stem growth will reach at least 6 ft long in one season.

REF W790


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