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Push your longest whips into the ground (about 6 to 9 inches is sufficient for them to root - go

deeper if you wish). Space them evenly -  ideally no more than say 18 inches apart - leaving an

opening for the entrance. Tie them together

towards the top.

Add 2 diagonals per gap -  except at the

entrance -  planted diagonally to encourage denser side growth.

Ideally weave the diagonal whips 'in front of one vertical and behind the next' as this makes the structure more rigid -  although

tying the whips

together may help while you are working

especially towards the tips.

Where the diagonals go across the entrance simply bend them around the vertical whip a weave them back into the criss-cross pattern.

The whips were planted in January .

The two photographs above show growth in early May . You will see that extra diagonal whips were added after the upper photographs were taken.

Baby -  Rachel -  included for scale !

The two photographs below show the same wigwam the following year in June with Rachel

enjoying herself in it after some weaving in of the new growth -  it can be left if you prefer for a shaggier and denser look.



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Left - See the diagonal

willow whip bent around

a vertical one.

BelowSee the criss-cross weave

'in front/then behind'

.   .   And just for

continuity - here

is Rachel and the

Wigwam in June.

See 'More Willow'

for more photographs

and Click Here

for more living willow ideas.


Offering willow grown in Northamptonshire.
From Willows Nursery, Walgrave, Northampton, NN6  9QA.

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