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Our very first Willow Bower and 'criss-cross' fence hedge "fedge")

- just after 'planting' in January.                     

The same Bower in May 

as the new growth starts

  and again in July  showing how dense the growth quickly becomes!

(You can see a Golden Hop happily

climbing up through it)

Bowers / Domes / Playhouses can be small or large.

They can be almost totally enclosed, as above, or more open like

in the photographs below which show our new half-circle bower kit.

These photographs show the new

half-circle bower kit as planted in January and with new growth in May (above) and later in June (right). We are sorry that the

whips do not show up very clearly - we will include more photographs as the season progresses which will hopefully give a clearer view.

Willows   Walgrave Northampton NN6 9QA

01536 791371                       E-mail

If you able to collect we can provide a kit for this.

The structure can be about 10 ft wide and 6 ft high

- please ring or e-mail for further details.

Meanwhile, the photograph below of a larger half-circle bower made with

longer whips does show much more clearly the whips and design (the longest are 12 ft which can be collected, but unfortunately cannot be sent by carrier).


Offering willow grown in Northamptonshire.
From Willows Nursery, Walgrave, Northampton, NN6  9QA.

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