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Willow cuttings root easily in winter, and not just 'short' cuttings - up to 9' rods (or longer) can be used to create living willow tunnels, arbours or woven hedges.

The 'hedge' at the back of this area of garden

is the same woven "fedge" as in the photograph below.

Above shows full summer growth, below shows growth in May. The unrooted whips were planted in the winter a few months earlier. After leaf fall the original pattern will be seen, and excess rods can be woven in or trimmed and used elsewhere.

A diagonal interwoven 'fedge'

of Salix Candida set in January .

A close-up of a section of the same 'fedge' in growth in May .

(Note the growth along the whole length of the diagonals!)



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Offering willow grown in Northamptonshire.
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