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Ideas for 'Sculptures'

Living willow is so

versatile that really you can

make anything you want. If you

do not want a bower or a fedge or

a tunnel then how about creating a

living sculpture or piece or art

- it doesn't have to be serious it can be what ever you want !

You can use the flexibility

of the willow to create shapes

. . . . twist whips together  . . . . push both ends into the ground . . . .  weave in some 'dead willow' to hold the work together and for decoration . . . . whatever you want !

This is an animal - I haven't decided what yet - Rachel wants it to be a cat -

but it will evolve as the living willow is woven into the original structure. I used

much less than a quarter of one of our 'dead willow' bundles of 3 to 5 ft whips. Because it had been freshly cut it roots just as well as longer whips.

Some whips have had both ends pushed into the ground (trimming the tip

end to create a thicker point helps as does wrapping 2 whips together as in the scalloped edging on the 'Ideas for Fedges' page) others are just wrapped around

and tied. Next year - with more time  ( !! ) - I would like to make something more interesting and maybe bigger . . . but I am sure that you are already thinking how

you could create something much better than this . . . .


Ideas For Fedges

Ideas for Structures using Cuttings

Ideas for 'Sculptures'


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