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If you do not want a dense living willow divide in

your garden, but something more open, how about little arches joined together to make a scalloped appearance by pushing both ends of a willow whip into the ground  - Yes ! Both ends will root ! See the photographs below.

Above, as planted in January.

To the right, showing new growth in early May.

Planting advice

It is best to cut the top tip of the willow off by

about a foot as this gives a wider point to push into the earth. However, as you will see from the middle row in our experimental patch using two whips together gives a

better appearance and is easier to plant.

I cut the tips off as mentioned above and then held

the two whips together but the opposite way around - that is, butt end (thick end) to tip end - then wound them around each other and then, still holding them together at the end, pushed each end into the prepared soil by about 6 inches.

I found that 7 ft long whips (then trimmed) would make arches about 18 inches high and 30 inches long - so an overlapping arched pattern as above would use 14 x 7 ft long whips (ie 7 pairs) to cover a 10 ft length.

January 2006 Gardener's World Magazine

We have recently been asked by Gardener's World

Magazine to supply willow for an arched border edging project

to be featured in January's issue - actually on sale from early December. Their idea is actually something that we have already created ourselves, and is shown elsewhere on our web site, but is repeated again below if that project is of particular interest to you.

*     *     *     *     *     *

If you would like to make a living willow edging like this, using 2 whips for each arch, then you need to order 14 x 7 ft whips at 1.40 each for each length of 10 ft that you want to cover or use the simple diagram above (showing 5 pairs of whips) to help you work out how many you need for different lengths.

Either order on line from our Secure Shop,   or  print off the Order Form and send a cheque or your credit card details,   or  just telephone on 01536 791371.

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Offering willow grown in Northamptonshire.
From Willows Nursery, Walgrave, Northampton, NN6  9QA.

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