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Salix Alba Vitellina

(Golden Willow)

Salix Alba Britzensis (Coral bark willow)

Salix Daphnoides Aglaia

(Violet Willow)

Salix Fragilis

(Crack Willow)

"Red bush willow"


in November


Salix 'Candida' showing catkin growth in April and leaf  growth in early summer.

Photographs of some of our different Willow Varieties

For some of the varieties

the pictures can make the descriptions so much clearer.

We hope that the following photographs will be of help if you are trying to decide upon varieties.

We will include

more photographs when we have them available.

All 4 of our brightest coloured willows together.

From left to right Salix Alba Vitellina, Salix Britzensis,

Salix Daphnoides Aglaia and Salix Fragilis

Salix Tortuosa (Corkscrew willow)


in February


Offering willow grown in Northamptonshire.
From Willows Nursery, Walgrave, Northampton, NN6  9QA.

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